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 Quality people are the difference between good management and a bad  experience... If you are looking for a home or need help with your  current freeport home call the Freeport Equities Management Office. We  will provide the care you deserve. 



Our Properties

We have numerous properties throughout New York City,  from Manhattan to the Rivedale section of the Bronx, a short twenty  minute drive from midtown Manhattan. Our properties represent some of  the finest residential living in the area.

All tenants are screened prior to being accepted into our buildings,  insuring that your neighbors are upstanding and responsible people who  care about their living space as much as you care about yours.  With homes ranging in size from studios to four bedrooms we are sure to  have something perfect for you! 

Real Estate Rules & Regulations

If you have questions about affordable housing programs, grants, leasing, repairs, or tax credits, rely on our property management services to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Affiliated Broker

Gould Properties and Management, LLC is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage  firm with access to all available properties belonging to Freeport  Equities and its affiliates.

Call 212-721-3144 and speak to a broker today!  

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